Brown Paper Bag
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some party



her name was kristal

i was her dirty little glass

she filled me all the way to richmond

with a smile


some dance some leap

some parties never sleep

they just find another room

some rave some rant

some parties hum n' chant

they're never stuck for words


one conversation

she could talk me to a fool

while she made out real clever

i made outside


some prance some preen

some parties make a scene

i just don't seem to fit into

some swing some shake

some parties take the cake

i'm happy as a crumb



i had a party on my own

that she would leave with he not me

completely shattered

my kristal smile


some crash some chill

some parties grow on pills

some even grow on me

collapse complete

could choke and die in a powder room sleep

how would i ever know

brain dead piss poor

still drunk from three nights before

don't know how i made it home

yeah, i love some parties



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