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i wonder where the brain goes

when muscle powers in

to plant a righteous fist

upon an unbeliever's chin

they go flying here

they go flying there

so fast and oh so tight

those terrorists and their terror wrists

forearmed and sworn to fight


saddle me up

i'm a holy cowboy gunnin' for war

itchin' for a lynchin'

you be the posse i'll be the law

elvis the empire's

burning love and firing at will

ain't no surprise

if some embers blowback in for a kill


i wonder where the truth hides

when war is on the phone

does it cower behind the lies of those

dressed up inside their own

lies a-hanging here

lies a-hanging there

so grim and oh so white

over ghosts of young americans

dead wronged by might is right


strap me up

i'm a suicide bomber death is a blast

headin' to heaven

to get me some virgins and glory at last

a martyr pre-emptin'

western devils, persians and jews

i gotta suspicion

they're fixin' to hang me higher than noon


i wonder where the brain goes

when muscle muscles in

commandeering common sense

that rare and precious gift

it's the hardest thing in the world to think

truly know one's own mind

my brain and me prefer to sleep so




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