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going backwards



i found a wish under a star

the label red

made on the blue side of mars

i held it up lighter than air

it caught the sun

they gave me a promise to bear


i go backward walking forward

out of the quicksand of my life in your hands

safe in my own flesh and mud


the promise broke a dream into three

one head one heart

one for the being between

(god loves a void)

i killed them all dead as the moon

wound up tossed like a feather

slave to the fickle winds of emotion


i go backward walking forward

out of this moment into the torment

of living the past out again

somewhere under a rainbow

the scarred and the lame go

to drink to a song they can't sing

goes like this…


i couldn't keep that wish for my own

wrapped it up

buried it in a cloud of stone-faced resignation

i hope some day it's held to be true

for whoever really owns it

it looks just like one i made for you

and me too


i go backward walking forward

out of the fire and into the frypan

burnt out still smouldering

and it'll say on my gravestone

he died with his brakes on

potential intact never met

looking over both shoulders

no wiser much older

when will the real life kick in

down in the ruins

all I've been doing

is minding a wish for a friend



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